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5 Reasons You Should Get IV Drip Treatment

Here at L’Atelier, Harley Street, we offer the most advanced facial aesthetic treatments to our clients. We proudly continue to innovate and invest in new, state-of-the-art procedures that enhance your skin and boost your confidence, too. Today, we’re blogging about one of our favourite transformative treatments: IV drip therapy. Here are 5 reasons to try the treatment at our Harley Street aesthetics clinic.

1. It’s groundbreaking

We often look to enhance or correct dull, stressed or aged skin from the outside. But targeting it from the inside is something revolutionary. IV replenishment helps to deliver the tailored infusion of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to combat ageing, stress, tiredness and more.

2. It’s versatile

Feeling run down, or tiredness getting the best of you? Finding it hard to eat well and get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs? Suffering from low energy? Or experience aged skin? Whatever it is, IV replenishment can help. It’s proven to target dehydration and there’s growing evidence it can impact your immunity, too.

3. It’s easy

IV drips aren’t a complicated procedure. Once we know what we need to deliver for your body, well blend the perfect infusion and administer your treatment straight to your bloodstream. It absorbs quickly and easily, and is no more painful than having a blood test.

4. It’s lasting

We don’t believe in quick fixes; we believe in long-term results. Of course, this kind of treatment may not last as long as things like wrinkle treatment, but by carefully managing your vitamins and minerals, and having booster sessions as recommended, you could see lasting results. Another great thing about IV drip treatment is that while your initial treatment may take up to an hour to deliver, a booster need only take a few minutes.

5. It’s bespoke

Not everyone has the same skin, needs or daily vitamin intake. Our IV replenishment therapy is tailored specifically to you and your body, ensuring you get everything needed to help create the results you’re looking for. That’s why we encourage a consultation with every treatment, so we can work together for optimum results. Still not convinced? Talk to us to find out how the process could work for you.

Ready to start your journey with IV drip therapy? Get in touch with our Harley Street aesthetics clinic today. We’re open Monday-Friday here in the heart of London, helping our clients look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

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