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We will be incorporating good hand sanitisation, social distancing and deep cleaning measures to ensure your safety. We ask that if you feel unwell or have travelled in the last 14 days that you let us know prior to your appointment so that we can make arrangements for you.

We are now open for medical treatments and advice.

We will be promoting virtual consultations where possible to reduce non-necessary contact between practitioners and patients. If you would like to book an appointment or a consultation call us on 0207 637 3208 or book online using the enquiry form.

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All About Our IV Drips

All About Our IV Drips - L'Atelier

At L’atelier Aesthetics, based in Harley Street, Mayfair, we like to stay one step ahead of the competition – so not only do we offer high-quality treatments delivered by experts in the cosmetics field, but we like to innovate, and ensure we’re always offering the latest, greatest advancements to our clients.

In this post, we’ll go through one of our innovative treatments – IV replenishment, also known as the IV drip or vitamin drip.

What is an IV drip?

It’s a treatment that’s quick, easy and effective. It involves having a drip attached to your body to deliver highly concentrated and essential nutrients, plus water, straight to your bloodstream. This helps with faster absorption, and can help support good health.These infusions are tailored to you and your needs, and include some nutrients that the body isn’t able to produce on its own. While it may seem an unusual treatment, it has been thoroughly researched and developed, is completely safe and natural, and is supported by science.

Why have a vitamin drip?

Sometimes, we all need a little boost – and it’s surprising how effective one can be. There are lots of reasons why our clients ask for this type of treatment, from wanting to target signs of ageing, to boosting immunity, to improving physical and mental performance. Best of all, the treatment can be done in under an hour, and you can also have small booster treatments, which take a matter of minutes, to top-up your vitamins and maintain results.

What benefits can I expect?

An IV drip in Mayfair has lots of fantastic benefits, helping boost your energy levels and leave you feeling instantly refreshed. The therapy can target concerns such as headaches, bloating and nausea, and is much more effective than oral vitamins.

Why choose L’Atelier Aesthetics?

We’ve mentioned our fantastic team and our commitment to offering cutting-edge treatments, but these are just two reasons why you should consider L’Atelier for your IV drip therapy. Others include our state-of-the-art clinic and prestigious Harley Street location, which is renowned for being the home of aesthetic innovation and excellence. And, of course, our client reviews speak for themselves.

How do I book a vitamin drip?

We’ve made booking with us as discreet as possible, and our treatments as confidential as possible. All it takes is filling out a quick web form on our contact page. We look forward to seeing you soon.