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Why the vampire facial combines PRP and microneedling

vampire facial harley street blog post

The vampire facial sounds spooky, right? It sounds a little gory, scary, and even mysterious, but it’s much less traumatic than its name leads you to believe. In fact, it’s simply the combination of a microneedling treatment with powers and processes drawn from your own skin and body. When you consider it in those terms, how it actually works, it’s suddenly not that scary at all. But exactly what is the process, and why does the vampire facial combine PRP and microneedling?


The vampire facial treatment process

After your initial skincare consultation, you’re more than welcome to receive the vampire facial. First, we begin by numbing your facial skin with a topical numbing cream. This is to minimise any discomfort and prickly sensation when you receive your treatment. We take a small sample of your blood to place into a centrifuge that separates the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the sample. This plasma is used in your treatment following microneedling. We begin microneedling first to open up tiny needle columns in your skin, and then we apply the platelet-rich plasma serum. The vampire facial isn’t as scary as it sounds now, is it?


What your platelet-rich plasma actually does

This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma from your blood, which is great, but what does it do? Platelets in your blood contain what are known as growth factors, the powerhouses that help repair injuries to the skin internally. They essentially ‘alert’ your neighbouring skin structures to skin damage than then encourages them to react in the same way, creating a whole concentrated area of platelet healing activity. When healing the area, they stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and fresh skin cells and repair and heal the skin from within. PRP therapy has been used by professional athletes to heal joint injuries, and it is now widely recognised as a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation.


Combining PRP and microneedling

There are a few reasons the vampire facial combines PRP therapy and microneedling. The first is that because microneedling opens tiny needle columns in your skin, making it temporarily more porous to topical treatments. This means that when we apply the platelet-rich plasma blood, your skin is much more receptive to absorbing it to deeper levels than it would if we didn’t create these columns first. As well as bettering the plasma’s reach within your skin, microneedling also bolsters your treatments. Because microneedling is also recognised as an effective method of stimulating collagen production within your skin, it provides an extra boost to PRP facial rejuvenation. Two treatments stimulating collagen production and internal healing in one go provides some beautiful results.


Who is a good candidate for the vampire facial?

Nearly everyone is suitable for the vampire facial, because it simply uses your own blood and your skin’s own processes. For people experiencing premature wrinkles, tired-looking skin, dull skin, or low-level volume loss or acne scarring, the vampire facial could be the perfect non-surgical treatment for them. It’s effective for those seeking subtle facial rejuvenation without the use of dermal fillers. The only thing that would inhibit you from undergoing a vampire facial is if you have previous history of blood disease or disorder, such as clotting problems. Otherwise, it is suitable for all skin types and tones.


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