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Skin Treatments


Bespoke skin care

Everyone’s skin is different and therefore has different needs, so of course it’s important for your skincare to be specifically tailored to you. At L’Atelier we can develop a bespoke skincare programme to suit your individual skin needs.

Recommended Treatment: Bespoke skin care


Our extensive range of medical facials can meet your skin care needs no matter the type. These medical facials require no down time but work hard and fast on your skin to produce noticeable results.

Recommended Treatment: Medical facials


We offer a range of peels from our Marylebone clinic on Harley Street and can tailor your chemical peel treatment to your individual needs and skin type. From tackling the signs of ageing to treating active acne, we have a peel solution for your skin.

Recommended Treatment: Chemical peels


Micro-needling treatment stimulates the skin’s natural healing responses and helps to tighten the skin by stimulating new collagen production, giving it a fresh and younger-looking glow.

Recommended Treatment: Micro-needling


This treatment harnesses the body’s natural healing power found within our own blood, helping to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Recommended Treatment: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


At L’Atelier we use mesotherapy as a gentle yet effective anti-ageing treatment that provides results that develop naturally over time. This versatile treatment rejuvenates and firms face and body, but we can also use it to target hair loss.

Recommended Treatment: Mesotherapy


Our carefully formulated treatment packages are tailored to effectively target specific skin types and concerns, so you can get the best care for you. Utilise all L’Atelier has to offer with a treatment package that caters directly to you.

Recommended Treatment: Packages


Your skincare journey with us will always begin with a thorough consultation and clinical evaluation. This way we can identify your skincare needs, target areas, and expectations so we can develop a treatment plan that best suits you.

Recommended Treatment: Clinical assessment


This state-of-the-art technology allows us to map the signs of ageing on your face before they even occur. We can detect them beneath the surface of the skin and so can pre-emptively target them based on our 8 skin criteria.

Recommended Treatment: Visia facial analysis


Our skin is our body’s biggest organ, so it’s really important we understand our skin type and how to care for it. Our in-depth skin assessments can predict potential problems, so we can guide you on how to prevent them.

Recommended Treatment: Skin type


L’Atelier has partnered with the leading pharmaco genomics company SkinDNA to provide genetic testing that helps determine how your skin will age and how we can prevent the visible signs.

Recommended Treatment: Genetic testing


The perfect way to watch our peels in action, L’Atelier’s very own Emma has detailed her experience with some of our expert chemical peels. Follow her day-by-day skin peel journeys to see the fantastic results our treatments can provide. Skin peel journey.

Recommended Treatment: Skin peel journey


We’re excited to offer the world’s leading professional pigmentation-removal method. With expert care both in clinic and to take home, Cosmelan hyperpigmentation treatment can even prevent the reappearance of colouration post-treatment.

Recommended Treatment: Cosmelan

*Individual results may vary.

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