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How PRP works for hair loss and thinning hair

Hair loss is extremely common amongst both men and women in the UK. There are plenty of ‘strengthening’ shampoos and topical products that claim to have the potency to thicken your hair, but we’re not entirely sure these products work or have much merit. True changes in your skin and hair are made on a biological level using your body’s own systems, because this is where long-term effective results occur. Could PRP help you with hair loss and strengthen your thinning hair?


Types of hair loss PRP can treat

There are two main types of hair loss that PRP can help you with:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Androgenic alopecia


Alopecia areata is a disease that causes small patches of hair to fall out seemingly sporadically. These patches may be unnoticeable until it happens in a concentrated area. The disease develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Sometimes hair is prevented from growing back, and sometimes hair does grow back but this does not prevent it falling out again.


Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that can affect both men and women. In men this condition is known as male pattern baldness and often characterised by a receding hairline and gradual disappearance of hair from the crown and frontal scalp from as early as their 20s. For women, female pattern baldness doesn’t become noticeable until much later around their 40s or even later. Women experience more of a general thinning over the entire scalp and usually experience the most extensive hair loss at their crown.


How PRP for hair loss works

We take a small sample of your blood and spin it at rapid speeds to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of your cells. We then inject these platelets directly beneath the skin to encourage hair growth and stimulation. The growth factors locked within the platelets take an effect on the stem cells within hair follicles, promoting the growth phase of hair. It’s also thought that they increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles by stimulating angiogenesis, which is new blood vessel formation.


PRP for hair loss results

Your results vary from person to person depending on your hair’s growth nature and how long the hair has been gone from the area. Typically, the sooner you act, the higher the chances of your hair follicles reacting positively and promptly to treatments. It’s not only capable of stimulating new hair growth, but it can also strengthen and thicken your existing hair to aid the cosmetic appearance of your treatment area. Top-up treatments will be required to maintain your results, which may take up to 6 months to develop. Sadly, hair loss cannot really be prevented, even with this kind of biological treatment, but regular treatments and maintenance appointments could see a dramatic change in the thickness and strength of your hair and even some regrowth.


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