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How Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Can Help Make You Look Younger

L’Atelier Aesthetics - London Aesthetic Clinic

Platelet rich plasma therapy is hitting the headlines at the moment for alleviating a number of heart conditions. It is said to be helpful against alopecia and osteoarthritis and to have helped a number of the world’s leading sports men and women recover from injury faster. But what actually is it? Can the removal, cleaning and reinserting of your own blood be a good idea?

Here at L’Atelier in Harley Street, we have been championing platelet rich plasma therapy for a number of years. We’ve seen the rejuvenating and restorative effects it has on our clients and our clients are returning to us time and time again for top-ups. Let’s have a look at how it’s used and why it’s effective.

What is platelet rich plasma therapy?

Discovered for its ability to help athletes, platelet rich plasma therapy can rejuvenate your appearance by increasing your collagen levels and encouraging a faster rate of cell regeneration. It involves a small portion of your own blood being removed and spun in a centrifuge to separate it into its various components. The platelets are then reinserted by our highly trained and experienced practitioners into a targeted area of the face; somewhere where you may have a wrinkle or a scar you’d like to be less visible.

This action will trick the body into thinking it has a wound to repair, sending it into a frenzy of new, fresh skin creation. Your blemished, or marked skin cells should therefore be replaced, thanks to this treatment, giving you a more youthful look and smoother skin. Equally your skin should be firmer and tighter.

Are you looking to benefit from a facial treatment performed by skincare experts, that can give you a genuine revitalisation and help you look younger than your years. Platelet rich plasma therapy from our Harley street practice could be exactly the treatment you need. please get in touch with us to book your initial consultation. We’ll be able to show you client before and after photos with a view to proving the difference platelet rich plasma therapy can have on an ageing face and blemished skin.