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Duncan’s in Women’sHealth this month!

Duncan from L'Atelier Aesthetics - Harley Street, London

Puffy Eyes? Your Guide to Getting Rid and Lightening the Load

Dealing with eyes are puffier than your, erm, puffa jacket? Given that we’re still languishing in mid January, this makes total sense. Inky mornings don’t make the whole ‘up and at ’em’ schtick the easiest. But, chill.

Because whether you want to get rid of occasional puffy eyes or more chronic cases, we know just how to get those bags under control.

WH called on Dr Duncan Brennand, of L’Atelier Aesthetics on Harley Street, to reveal everything you need to know about why puffy eyes happen in the first place, how to reduce unwanted fluid retention fast – and how to get rid of them for good, if you’re ready for more drastic measures.

How do you get rid of puffiness under eyes?

Puffy eyes are not one size fits all. To deflate your bloated bags you need to understand what the underlying causes are.

However, Dr Brennand reveals there are some things that will help with your puffy eyes –whatever the reason they’ve inflated. He notes that the following will help ease the bloat.

  • Between seven to nine hours of sleep a night, depending on your requirements
  • Keeping well hydrated
  • Avoiding too much salt in your diet

Skin that is strong and bouncy is less likely to stretch and bloat quite so noticeably, so Dr Brennand recommends trying these collagen-promoting strategies on the daily.

  • Stop smoking
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Consider regular collagen supplements such as Skinade, which has been shown to boost the skin’s natural collagen levels.

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