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La Peel Diary – AlumierMD VitA Boost Peel

I’m trying 3 layers of AlumierMD VitA Boost peel to see what the real effects of a chemical peel are. I am prone to mild rosacea, open pores and the occasional spot so I’m excited to see my results!

Peel dayPeel day:

I found the peel quite painful and hot initially, and after applying the final layer my face has felt a little sore. However my skin is somewhat sensitive so this was in some ways expected.


Post-peel, my skin felt very tight, and a little itchy, with redness, but I put this mild irritation down to the skin flaking across my face that followed the next day.


The dead skin on my face has begun to shed in flakes. The flaking is a good sign, as it means my face is making way for the rejuvenated skin. I was going to cover the side effects with make up but this looked 10x worse!

My little boy of 3 even said ‘Mummy your face doesn’t look very nice’ which is always a good sign! I felt a little self-conscious on the tube but I know that the recovery time of this treatment is fast and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the next couple of days – stay tuned.

Day 3Day 3:

I found that the redness was disappearing, and I still had some skin shedding. However, as soon as I had a shower, all the previous debris was removed and I was left with incredibly smooth, soft skin, although I still have some mild redness in a small area.

Day 4Day 4:

My overall skin quality has dramatically improved, the size of my pores have been greatly reduced, my skin tone more even, and the redness over my left cheek (my problem-mild Rosacea) is no where to be seen.

Would I go through the past 3 days again? Yes absolutely! I am over the moon with how my skin looks now and I am surprised at how quickly my skin recovered. I can be pretty sure that a Skinade each morning and the constant application of the AlumierMD recovery cream and of course the AlumierMD SPF can be to blame for this.

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