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Anti-ageing secrets from a Harley Street Clinic

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You might not have heard these skincare tips before, but you only receive professional skincare tips from skin health professionals. Your skin needs constant maintenance because of how changeable our environment is, let alone our lifestyle choices. Here are our anti-ageing secrets from our Harley Street Clinic, including what sugar and the sun does to your collagen levels…


Sugar can prematurely age you

Sugar causes a process within your skin known as glycation, which involves glucose molecules from sugars attaching themselves to collagen fibres and breaking them down. This prematurely ages your skin by depleting its volume and structure and inflaming it. Your skin can appear stressed and tired when your diet isn’t as nutritious and balanced as it should be, so too much sugar can prolong these effects. Natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are absolutely fine, but it’s the refined sugars that you really need to look for. That’s anti-ageing skin secret number 1.


Sun protection is essential

Sun damage causes photoaging within the skin that becomes visible over time. This is why it’s important to wear sun protection all year round, not just in the summer, and to start this habit when you are young. This is accumulative damage that builds up over time, its dramatic effects becoming apparent after some years. Photoaging causes the accelerated breakdown of collagen, but it also triggers the production of hyperpigmentation and age spots. This is through the skin protecting itself from the UV rays and the process isn’t entirely understood at this moment in times, but an uneven skin tone does help the skin appear prematurely aged. When considering anti-ageing skincare, no skincare is better than the best protection!


Eat and sleep beauty

If you are what you eat, make sure you are eating a balanced and healthy diet. The effects of our lifestyle and what we put into our bodies can show up very readily in our skin, as everything that goes in must somehow come out. This is why a bad diet can result in blemishes, uneven skin tone, and haggard-looking skin in general. If you eat right, your skin will look right too. This is the same for ensuring you’re getting enough asleep. When you sleep, your stress hormone levels (or cortisol) goes down, and your growth and healing hormones increase. Resting allows these hormones and your natural skin processes to take charge and begin to heal the damage from the day caused by environmental factors, for example. If you’re not getting adequate sleep, then your skin is going to continue to be short-changed on its much-needed regeneration time. Make sure you’re sleeping and eating well, and your skin will thank you in a healthy glow.


Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice

Sometimes, due to things we can’t control like fluctuating hormone levels, periods of sensitivity, and environmental factors, it can seem we’re never going to win the battle with our skin. Sometimes the advice or products you need can’t be found on a high-street shelf or from a friend’s recommendation. Everyone’s skin is different and it’s our body’s largest organ, so of course it needs different care depending on the individual. This becomes even more true when you suffer from sensitive, hyperpigmented, or congested skin, because staying on top of these conditions can be frustrating. As a Harley Street Clinic, we take skin seriously and no problem is too big or too small. Don’t be afraid to seek a professional’s advice when seeking anti-ageing skincare advice, because we can help tailor your treatments and products to your skin.


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