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July 2018 Monthly Archives

How can wellbeing be improved?

The self-care trend has been developed and popularised over the last few years, seeing many people prioritise their health and wellness. Recognising that we need to feel healthy, confident, and happy within ourselves will have a positive influence on our life and…

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What does Mesotherapy do?

Mesotherapy is a phrase and treatment used a lot, but you probably don’t realise how beneficial it is for your skin’s health if you’re not already receiving treatment. With other treatments like microneedling and courses of chemical peels, maybe mesotherapy has passed…

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Why does hyperhidrosis occur?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes those affected to sweat excessively for seemingly no apparent reason. Sweat glands become overactive either in certain areas or all over the body, with the most commonly complained of areas being the feet, hands, and under-arms….

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